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More Dinosaur Shenanigans

Today was the first morning we didn't have to pack up our tent, sleeping gear, etc. so made a slightly quicker getaway. Headed to Lark Quarry which is the only physical evidence of a Dinosaur stampede in the world. It was pretty amazing! I can't believe how busy with tourists it is out here. I'm starting to wonder if we will ever feel isolated! Tomorrow we head to a National Park which possibly won't be as touristy so we'll see....

On the way to Lark Quarry

Dinosaur footprints at Lark Quarry

I thought these little flowers were pretty so thought I'd take a quick pic while the rest of the family disappeared (this happens alot). I got lucky when a butterfly decided to join in on the photoshoot.

A bit of Waltzing Matilda history entwined with slightly quirky in one of Winton's Opal Gift Shops.

Sunset from the caravan park in Winton

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