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1 week until departure

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

In just under a week, Mark and I, with our daughters Myah, 10yo, and Sarah, 8yo, will be heading off on a 12 week Outback Adventure. We will be camping most of the way - trying to free camp as much as possible. Occasionally we will stay somewhere with a solid roof over our head. We will be away approximately 82 nights (yet we have 0 nights of accommodation booked). We like to make it up as we go along, although we do have a rough route planned and some definitely-need-to-see places mapped out (mental note, must buy a map within the next week!). To start with, we will head North West to Dinosaur country, then head up into the Northern Territory, making our way over to Western Australia, then back into Southern end of NT before crossing back into QLD. To answer some questions I have been asked: We are lucky enough to have my Mum stay in our house the whole time we are away looking after Roxy (Dog) and Tink (Cat). We have received permission from the girl's school to take the term off. They will be doing some schoolwork while we are away - we are very lucky to have a network of amazing teachers helping us out with this. They will also be keeping a journal which we will try and get them to write in daily. We are even taking a violin which they can share (gotta keep up the practice!) and 3 Ukuleles. Mark has spent numerous hours custom fitting our 4x4 with all the items to help make our trip run as smooth as possible. I might try and go into some of these things in more detail in a future blog post. Stay tuned...

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1 commentaire

Libby Bailey
Libby Bailey
02 juil. 2019

Have a safe and exciting trip !! Remember the safety tips!! Look forward to photos!! Xxx

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