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Feathery Friends, Dinos and Poetry 

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Today started with yet another wake up call by a Rooster. Where do they come from out here in the outback when there are no houses around us? We also had a family of Brolgas approach us while we were having breakfast. They are such splendid birds. Unfortunately they were scavenging. I really hope these ones don't become reliant on the scraps from campers, as they had two little baby Brolgas with them. Teach them the ways of the wild Mum & Dad Brolga! We then met a man travelling around in his caravan with a very talkative Cockatoo called Lawrie as his travel companion. So our day had a very feathery start (We also had a Brolga almost run/fly into our car later in the day - they don't fly very well and I think he panicked when he realized he had to fly over us). Journeyed on to The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum and did the tour. Quite fascinating. It seems this museum will be expanded greatly in coming years. At night we were treated to a performance by Gregory North The Bush Poet at the caravan park where we are staying in Winton. What a hilarious and talented man. We all laughed so much! We walked away with his book and I'm pretty sure that counts as a pretty good English lesson for the girls - especially as Myah's class is focusing on poetry next term. Thanks Mr North!


A Dinosaur tooth debrided just this morning

View of distant rain from the Jump-Up

Gregory North The Bush Poet

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1 Comment

Francesco Lopez
Francesco Lopez
Aug 16, 2019

Brolga! That's my new thing for the day, thanks Becky!

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