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Cloncurry to Mt Isa

Before leaving Cloncurry, we first did a history lesson thanks to The John Flynn Museum. Cloncurry was the birthplace of The Royal Flying Doctor Service. When hearing the girls were missing a term of school, a lady at the museum gave the girls some work books to complete.

They must have learnt something as upon receiving a $20 note in change later that day, a cashier was MOST impressed when I pointed to the man in glasses on the note and asked Sarah "Who is that?" and she replied "John Flynn". I almost feel like they should sit a test at the end of this 3 months so we can see how much they retain!

On route to Mt Isa we stopped in at the abandoned Mary Kathleen Uranium mine. It has since filled with water and the colour is astonishingly blue. I was a little nervous walking along the edge but it was fairly fascinating to see. There was also a Mary Kathleen town with a population of 1000+ that was also abandoned after the mine shut down in 1982. It is now a free bush campground with perfect cement slabs for the grey nomads to park their caravans. Where buildings once stood.

Beautiful Silo Art

The abandoned Mary Kathleen uranium mine

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