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Boodjamulla National Park to The Northern Territory

This was our first taste of real outback driving. However it wasn't actually that bad from Mt Isa to Boodjamulla. It's definately slower being on gravel roads though! We also had out first taste of the extreme dust. We could literally taste it as it gets into everything. Boodjamulla National Park was our destination and it definately didn't disappoint. We stayed at Adels Grove as the park campsites were booked out. Not that we were complaining - Adels Grove is a beautiful oasis in the middle of a desert. Myah cried with happiness when we drove in amongst the trees. I think she's a little homesick already. We did some beautiful hikes and experienced our first swim in Croc infested waters (don't worry, just Freshwater Crocs and there weren't any close to us). After a couple of days we moved on towards The Northern Territory and here we are in Borroloola. The road condition has significantly deteriorated and we are experiencing a lot more corrugations and potholes now. Tomorrow we head to Lorella Springs to once again immerse ourselves in nature.

I'm becoming a morning person! I've woken before dawn every morning (mind you, the sun is rising after 7am so it's actually hard not to)

Riversleigh Fossil Site D

Croc Fossil

Riversleigh Fossil Site D

The Oasis that is Adels Grove

Lawn Hill Gorge

Ring Tail Lizard

It was hard to get a good photo because of the glare, but found this artwork in Hell's Gate Road House


Road train on dirt road... ok we'll pull over then.

Mark helping out some locals with a flat tyre on The Savannah Way.

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1 Comment

Francesco Lopez
Francesco Lopez
Aug 16, 2019

"Just" freshwater crocodiles? WTF???? Are they friendly then are they?

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