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What a beaut little country town! The water here comes straight from the Great Artesian Basin so smells like rotten eggs (from the Sulphur). Did a free tour at the information centre run by Old Mate Stu who is an authentic old Drover and is very passionate about preserving the history of the district. He had the girls up and having a go at everything. Also checked out the Wool Scour where the girls were my reluctant subjects when I saw some nice light inside the Shearer's Quarters. Free camping tonight in Longreach.

Thanks for the photo Myah

The girls having a go at whip cracking

Mark's new mode of transporting patients

Cute little moth that was gobbled up by a bird after the girls thought they had saved it. Was kinda funny.

The Thomson River

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Tony Williams
Tony Williams
05 de jul. de 2019

Love the photos an installment.

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