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Katherine Show & Nitmiluk National Park (Katherine Gorge)

What luck we had, when heading to Katherine, we realised the Katherine Show was being held that weekend. We thought it'd be a good opportunity to check it out. We also got to experience our first Rodeo which I thought was a little nerve-racking. Luckily, no humans or bulls were hurt! A funny little story. I was getting amongst the crowd to get some photos when I heard a voice "You like a Rodeo, do you?" I assumed the lady was talking to somebody else as I'm in Katherine and, well, it can't be anyone I know! I then felt a tug on my arm and low and behold, there is Denise, the Mother of a friend of mine. What are the actual chances??

Our second day in Katherine was spent hiking around Katherine Gorge. Wow, was it beautiful, but HOT! We set out to do a 12km hike, but after hiking for a couple of hours we realised we had taken the longer route (due to the "misinformation center") and the hike would have been more like 14kms. This would have been ok if we hadn't been hiking in an oven, so we decided to turn and head back at this point. It made us realise why the hiking is not as popular as the exorbitantly priced kayak and boat rides into the Gorge! It's crazy to think it is winter. The ice blocks we enjoyed back at the information center after our long hot hike were bliss.

Rodeo at The Katherine Show

Horse Gymnastics at The Katherine Show

we certainly felt the heat in Katherine!

Katherine Gorge

These beautiful Eagles dominate the sky here

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