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Fossicking and .... more driving! 

Today started with a glorious sun rise. Funnily enough, we have been having a few rainy nights. Last night was no exception, followed by lots of wind. Packing up a wet muddy tent most mornings hasn't been that fun. We have been told numerous times "wow, this is the first rain we've had in AGES". Mark in particular has been loving the wet pack-ups...

We tried our luck at fossicking for fossils near Richmond. Sarah and I found some Copralite. Sounds pretty special? Nope, it's just fossilised fish poop. Myah found some Belemnite though, which is an extinct squid.

We have just found out that a fire ravaged through the reception and restaurant at our next destination Adels Grove near Lawn Hill, last night. They are, however, still accepting guests. The plan is to stop for supplies in Mt Isa tomorrow and head there on Thursday.

Fossil hunters

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